Members of Sublinear-time Algorithms Group

Name Affiliation Role
Naoki Katoh Kwansei Gakuin University Project Leader
Kazuhisa Makino Kyoto University Member
Hiro Ito The University of Electro-Communications Member
Yoshio Okamoto The University of Electro-Communications Member
Yuichi Yoshida National Institute of Informatics Member
Toshiki Saitoh Kobe University Member
Yushi Uno Osaka Prefecture University Member
Atsushi Takizawa Osaka City University Member
Yuya Higashikawa Chuo University Member
Jinhui Xu New York State University at Buffalo Member
Yuki Kobayashi Kyoto University Research Assistant
Yoshihiko Ito Kyoto University Research Assistant
Adnan SljokaKwansei Gakuin University Postdoctoral Researcher
Naoya Takagi Osaka City University Research Assistant
Takuro Hatta The University of Electro-Communications Research Assistant
Tomohiro Imada Kobe University Research Assistant
Mikiya Imura Tokyo Institute of Technology Research Assistant
Munehiko Sasajima Kwansei Gakuin University Researcher

Research Theme: Construction of Sublinear-time Algorithms for Big Data

In this group, we propound a new computational paradigm, Sublinear-time Algorithm Paradigm, for big data. We construct techniques for how to design algorithms and data structures, and establish a foundation of innovative algorithms for big datum ages. Especially, we develop linear or sub-linear time algorithms for the fundamental problems which are often used as subroutines to solve actual problems, for example searching, optimization, and enumeration problems, by managing known techniques such as probabilistic, approximate and sampling methods. Furthermore, we apply the algorithms to actual problems including evacuation plan problems, for example the quick evacuation plan and assignment evacuation problems, or protein function predictions by combinatorial rigidity.